Anything Can Be Changed


Il LIVELLO DI SOSTENIBILITÀ dell’azienda e dei
suoi prodotti è calcolato grazie all'innovativo
algoritmo di sostenibilità VEZUA.


We are on a mission to improve the conditions of the planet and people through a green vision and technological innovation in the fashion and sportswear industries.

ZipShoe Green Technology

The sole is the component of the shoe with the greatest impact. With our ZipShoe™ you can reduce your ecological footprint. As just zip it up. Create three, five, or ten shoes with just one sole.

Our Research Criteria

We are in constant research and development to find the best eco-friendly materials and to design environmentally friendly products with the most innovative and sustainable elements in the world.

Choose circular shoes now!

We Turn Used Shoes Into Playgrounds Through Recycling

ACBC collects used shoes in collection bins that can be found in ACBC stores and donates them to charity, such as the manufacture of\ anti-shock floors for children's playgrounds in needy areas.

Certified And Transparent

We want you to be able to make the right choice. Therefore, from January ...