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Sneakers vegan, BioMilan White&Black Corn Based

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Sneakers vegan unisex, fibre organiche e materiale riciclato, ACBC BioMilan White&Black Corn Based

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Descrizione articolo

The unisex BioMilan White and Black Corn Based shoe is made with agricultural waste, especially corn. Perfect for those who love to always be fashionable without giving up the green.



  • Upper is Corn Based;
  • Internal insole made with recycled insoles (RecycledFoam);
  • 30% of corn waste;
  • Lining produced with recycled bottles (ReBotilia);
  • White color with black details;
  • Closure with laces;
  • Round tip;
  • ACBC logo on the back;
  • EVA sole.


BioMilan White Corn Based shoes are the perfect choice for those who love footwear to wear all day long. The materials used are made to last over time. These are the bio-based upper made from corn and the EVA foam sole, which adapts perfectly to the physiognomy of the foot. The design is essential and modern, suitable for different occasions, both for work and going out with friends. The logo details recall the ACBC style and make the BioMilan immediately recognizable.